Cine Cables was created initially for the RED Komodo marketplace as a solution for 4K 12G SDI cables, but we aren't stopping there. We wanted to offer an affordable cable with exceptional quality and a warranty that can take care of production needs in any scenario. 

We are starting with 12G SDI cables and cable accessories, and plan to soon enter into the market of Lemo cables. Looking for custom cables? Let us know and we can have them made for your next project. Email info@cinecables.co for quotes.

Cine Cables BNC's break the 12GHz 4K UHD coax barrier! These next-gen RG59 BNC cables are designed to handle 12GHz 4K UHD signals up to 150 feet (3G-SDI up to 310 Feet) and provide the critical link between your switchers, cameras, and other 4K video gear. Right-angle BNC connectors save space and relieve strain. These hand-crafted, 4855R 4K Ultra-High-Definition Mini-RG59 coaxial cables are the simple choice when setting up your studio backbone and infrastructure. 

Why run dual link and quad link cables when one will do the job? Cine Cables are ready to meet today's high bandwidth 12G-SDI signal and data serial interface requirements. The 4855 Series is the 12G-SDI equivalent of Belden's famous 1855 cable. It features a silver-plated copper center conductor and a low-profile diameter of less than 1/8" making it the ideal choice for low-profile camera builds as well as patch bays and OB trucks.